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  • Bullying


    If you are suffering with the effects of being bullied, whatever your age, then counselling may be able to help you.

    It is common for people to think that bullying only happens when we are at school or in a learning environment. However, individuals can experience bullying at any time of their life; at school, at work, in a social context or within a family structure, as an adult as well as as a child. Whist schools have structures in place to identify and deal with bullying, the adult within a work or family situation may feel they have no where to turn to.

    Bullying can impact very heavily on someone’s self esteem: it can lead to any one or more of the following:

    Social anxiety


    General Anxiety Disorder




    Suicidal thoughts

    Physical symptoms may include:



    Upset stomach

    Tension in the body may lead to stiffness

    The impact on individuals may also lead to self- harming behaviour such as, cutting, pulling out their hair, picking at their skim. Or resorting to reliance on drugs and/or alcohol in order to cope. If you are suffering from being bullied, please do not carry on alone. Talk to someone and let them help you.